Establishing and Maintaining Your New Lawn.

We recommend the following tips for a beautiful lawn.

The most important thing you can do for your lawn the first year is to feed it. New lawns need a lot of water, you must water every day. We recommend that you water your new lawn early in the morning to ensure the water penetrates the soil. Watering, especially on hot days, is best early in the morning before 9:00 a.m.

It is inevitable that you will have bare spots in your new lawn; these expected bare spots will not be warrantied. We strongly encourage over seeding of your new lawn during the first spring or fall planting season. Over seeding is highly effective when paired with an aeration program, done in the fall.  Aeration creates small holes in the ground that allow water to soak deeper into the ground and promotes root growth. Over seeding is considered homeowner responsibility. 

  • Early Spring is considered March & April
  • Late Spring is considered April – June
  • Summer is considered June – August
  • Fall is considered September – November

During Summer months it is important you do no cut your grass too short, keeping it cut to 3-4 inches will help the soil retain the moisture longer and keep your lawn healthier. The summer months are particularly difficult on grass. Heat, drought, foot traffic, and insects can bring stress to your new lawn.  These are reasons why watering is the most important thing you can do for your lawn.

Caring and maintaining your lawn will be much less expensive than reestablishing a lawn which has not fully cared for or watered in the first year.  It takes time and special care to fully establish your new lawn.  Patience, water, aeration, and fertilization will help produce a beautiful, lush green lawn.