GFCI Outlet

When a GFI trips, it will trip all outlets that are connected to that GFI. There are multiple GFI outlets located throughout your home.  To look for the outlet with the tripped GFI, look for one with the small button popped out. There are two buttons in the center of a plug in one of which is a Test button and the other a Reset button.  While there is only one GFI/GFCI in a circuit it will control the complete circuit.  If you have lost power to a plug-in circuit look to see if there is a GFI/GFCI plug in in the circuit and reset, it.  The GFI/GFCI is sometimes found in an adjacent room or even the garage so you may have to look around to find it.  Once you determine the location of the GFI follow these steps to do a reset.

Step 1 Turn off any appliances plugged into the GFCI breaker.

Step 2 Locate the button next to the "Test" button that says "Reset" on it, and press it.

Step 3 Turn the appliances back on to ensure the outlet works.